Welcome to Viñas & DeLuca

Our practice is dedicated to representing people and businesses that have suffered significant loss due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of others. We focus on claims arising from serious personal injury, wrongful death, and commercial business disputes. When clients put their trust and confidence in our firm after a catastrophic injury or financial loss, we take that responsibility seriously. We limit the number of cases we accept so we can devote more time to each client and remain easily accessible to them.

We Are Trial Attorneys.

If your lawsuit is not settled out of court, you can be confident the lawyers at Viñas & DeLuca have devoted the necessary time, attention, and resources to carefully prepare your case for trial. We know that putting the pieces back together after a serious physical or financial loss can be extremely difficult.

Let Us Help.

Why Choose Viñas & DeLuca


We are committed to earning the respect of our clients and adversaries. We know this can be achieved only though skilled legal representation, careful case preparation, unwavering dedication to our clients and – above all – hard work. We strive to remain assessable to our clients, answer their questions, and stand by them through each step of the litigation process. We also know that results matter and we are committed to being zealous and stalwart advocates for our clients.

Personal Attention.

At Viñas & DeLuca, we believe effective legal representation requires personal attention, consideration of each client’s unique circumstances, and an exhaustive command of the facts, details and legal issues in each case. This is especially true in cases involving complex business, medical or legal issues. That’s why Viñas & DeLuca accepts only a fraction of the cases which are referred to its lawyers. We feel our commitment to handling fewer cases helps ensure that our clients receive the focused representation they deserve and the necessary time, effort and resources to best position them to win their cases.


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